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Compare with advocacy journalism. Montage — putting together of visual images to form a sequence. An online site, also known as a message board, where people can hold discussions freelance journalist freelancer: Unscripted talking, usually by a broadcaster.

In television sometimes called sync. Letters to the editor are read out on radio or shown on screen while being read out on television. Mass Media — Mass media are channels of communication through which messages flow, produced by a few for consumption by many people.

Medium — Any singular, physical object used to communicate messages. Segments of video or film footage kept in tape libraries - or on newsroom computer archives - to illustrate either 1 general events such as crowds shopping or aeroplanes taxiing at airports or 2 past events used in current stories.

Compare with audience share. Edition— The issue for one press run: A television interview in which the studio presenter hands over to a journalist on location who interviews guests before handing back to the presenter in the studio.

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Also used to describe the ability of media literacy students to deconstruct texts outside the classroom. Also called press officer, a person employed by a company or other organisation to get positive publicity in the media and deal with enquiries from journalists.

Compare with unidirectional and bidirectional microphones. A caption for a photograph. See also newsreader and presenter. Also called PostScript point. Mediating between these are the individual processes of communication as well as the technological processes of the mass media.

Inverted Pyramid— The standard news story structure in which facts are arranged in descending order of importance. An advert promoting the publication in which it appears, often put on a page to fill a gap.

An interactive, often private part of a website where visitors can write messages to each other in real time. For example, having shares in a company could make a finance reporter say uncritically good things to boost that company.

A longer article or radio story, usually in greater depth and complexity than a simple news item.

Glossary of Newspaper Terms

Reporting and writing news specifically for use on the Internet. Style guides can vary from basic rules on spelling and grammar to complex documents on how words are used and pronounced. The programs written for computers or the media texts that can be played on them.

This understanding involves an interaction between our individual psychologies and the social structures that surround us. Storyboard — A graphic plan for the frame-by-frame action in a film or on video.

Short for capital letter. How we as individuals understand the world in which we live. Hyperlinks or links typically appear as differently formatted text, often underlined.

A published interview where the interviewee is not named, e. News values — factors that influence whether a story will be picked for coverage. Short piece of music played on radio to identify a regular feature, program or product being advertised.

Media Languages — Media conventions, formats, symbols and narrative structures that cue the audience to meaning. Television is a mass medium, but there are many other kinds of mass media, such as newspapers and radio. Multimedia – A medium that uses different forms of content (eg., text, audio, graphics.

Glossary of Media Terms Advertiser’s Copy: courtesy checking copy sent free to advertiser by publisher and reported in audit to magazines and newspapers.

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Audit Report: annual official findings of an audit bureau as a result of its examination of a medium’s records. News Terminology. Term. Definition. Anchor. Studio-based presenter of a news show, who holds it all together concentration, cross media ownership, conglomeration and globalisation are all important A tabloid-sized newspaper OR Populist reporting which uses sensationalist angles and may not be as rigorous as it could be when it comes to.

glossary of media terms This glossary is designed to give you technical terms to help you write in more detail about media texts. It includes many of the terms used in television, film, newspapers. A comprehensive list of print and magazine advertising terms and definitions. Advertorial - A print advertisement that is deliberately intended to resemble editorial matter or story in a newspaper.

Media Studies Glossary Anchorage – how meaning is fixed, as in how a caption fixes the meaning of a picture Archetype – A universal type or model of character that is found in many different texts, e.g. ingenue, anti-hero, wise old woman, hero-as-lover, hero-as-warrior, shadow trickster, mentor, loyal friend, temptress.

Audience – viewers, listeners and readers of a media text.

Media terminology newspapers
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GCSE Media Studies News Terminology