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OL Human Relations in Administration The human relations skills that managers need to develop interaction skills that contribute directly to effective human resource management and the development of higher productivity are studied.

How to get associates degree for nursing online. General and degree-specific studies may include coursework in humanities, social sciences, history, and mathematics, among other subjects. Notwithstanding, students will gain useful skills and knowledge that are directly applicable in any workplace such as critical thinking, problem solving and communication.

Personal Injury Litigation 3 Credit Hours This course explores civil wrongs, and your studies will illustrate and explain the different types of tort recoveries that are allowed by law. The course explores fundamental issues in business in an increasingly interdependent world; including management principles and techniques in a global context.

Students who earn associate in nursing degrees online can choose their own pace of studies, one that is convenient for them. Complete your undergraduate degree at your own pace, over six 8-week terms per year Expert instruction.

Whether you choose to earn your degree online, take courses on campus, study part-time to suit your schedule, or attend full-time year-round to earn your associate degree, you can build new potential with a DeVry education.

Associate Degree Online Programs

It's also the first step toward completing a bachelor's degree and pursuing management-level positions. Skill areas include leadership, motivation, communications, group dynamics, organizational development, management by objectives, and stress and time management.

IT Business Systems Analysis and Design This course provides students with the necessary level of information technology education relative to understanding the uses and roles of information systems in business organizations.

If an Associate of Arts degree is earned at a nationally accredited community or junior college without regional accreditation, it is possible that not all credits earned will be transferable to a four-year college or university, most of which are regionally accredited.

In order for credits earned through an Associate of Arts degree to meet the requirements for transfer to a four-year university, the school where the associate degree is earned should be accredited. Yes, you can apply for a BSN degree once you have completed an associate degree in nursing.

View Full Curriculum in the Catalog Courses May Include ACC Financial Accounting Financial Accounting establishes the rules and regulations for preparing accounting information used by internal and external sources to evaluate the financial health of an organization.

Students receive a formal introduction to law by examining sources of American law, the court system and alternative dispute resolution, substantive law in its various forms, as well as administrative law and government regulation.

The answer to this question depends on what your career aspirations are. After completing this course, the student will understand how accounting and other productivity information can be used to assess the past and improve the future performance of a business by giving managers essential information they need to make more informed decisions.

Students pursuing an Associate of Arts degree are typically required to complete between 48 and 60 semester hours of coursework.

Associate's (AS and AAS) Degree Programs

Marketing courses cover topics in retailing, communications, promotion, social media, B2B marketing and branding, among many others. You can pick an area for specialization, depending upon your career interest. Apply the appropriate tax laws as required by law in relation to the specific circumstances and tax liabilities of individuals.

Topics include tort theory based upon negligence, products liability, libel, slander, and malpractice. I guess you want to inquire about the benefits of an associate degree in nursing. A nursing associate degree is an undergraduate foundation degree that is typically two years long if taken completely on-campus.

Transfer up to 45 credits toward an associate degree Career Outlook Earning an associate degree can make a significant financial impact on your life.

Students have their instructor's direct email address and can contact them at anytime.

Paralegal Degree Programs

Would you like to leave feedback?. Associate degree programs covering a range of career options in the business field provide students with a host of academic and career options. The paralegal program is a partially online program with a residency requirement.A minimum of ten semester credits or the equivalent of legal specialty courses must be completed through traditional classroom instruction.

Ranked #2 by for Accredited Online Associate Degree Programs. Prepare for the career you want by earning one of Southern New Hampshire University's online associate degrees. The Paralegal Institute offers an additional opportunity for you to add a competitive edge to your pursuit of the best available position in the Paralegal field by offering paralegal programs like the Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies.

Earn an online associate's degree! An AA degree from Ashford University can give you access to new opportunities, skill sets & possibilities. Two-year college degree from a community college, university, college, or career school.

Associate's degrees are normally earned with about sixty college credits, including general education courses, electives, and courses required toward a specific college major. Most associate's degrees are awarded in business, health, engineering, information technology or early childhood education, and may.

Associate degree online
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